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Scheme of Studies of Doctor of Philosophy in Management Sciences for Spring 2024

It is Hereby notified that the Academic Council in its 13th Meeting held on June 04, 2012 approved the following Scheme of studies of the Doctor of Philosophy in Management Sciences, PhD (MS) with effect from at CIIT system.

1. Minimum Duration:  Years
2. Maximum Duration: 0 Years
4. Maximum Semesters: 0 Years
Course WorkMin No. of Courses
Course Types not Added Yet


8. Admission to MS and PhD programs at CUI will adhere to existing criteria, with relevance of prior degrees being crucial. If deemed necessary, additional courses may be required to rectify deficiencies. Approval for admission within the CUI System is contingent upon the relevance of the previous degree as per Notification No: CUI-Reg/Notif-458/23/493, dated February 28, 2023, stating that the decision made by the Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASAR) during its meeting on November 30, 2022, stipulated that admission within the CUI System shall be contingent upon possession of a relevant prior degree. In instances where doubts regarding the relevance of a prior degree arise, the determination of relevance thereof shall be made by the respective Dean irrespective of title of the prior degree, based on recommendations put forth by the respective Campus Admission Committee, HoD, and Chairperson, on a case-by-case basis as required. The decision rendered by the Dean in such cases shall be documented within the student's personal file for record-keeping and reference purposes.The additional GRE-Subject test for MS and PhD programs won't be mandatory for such candidates.

9. Furthermore, if the Dean determines that the candidate does not possess the necessary relevant degree, the candidate shall be admitted under the Interdisciplinary category . Additionally, the candidate must undertake the additional GRE-Subject test for MS and PhD programs as a mandatory requirement. Such candidates are required to fulfill all mandatory requirements outlined under the Interdisciplinary clauses. However, if the Dean by following the above procedure decides that the previous degree, irrespective of the title of the degree of the candidate does not fall under the Interdisciplinary category, the candidate shall not be admitted at CUI System.

10. PhD students shall enroll for 09 to 12 credit hours per semester for coursework,with flexibility granted in exceptional cases such as force majeure incidents including inevitable accident,unavoidable casualty, vis major. type of calamity, cataclysm, catastrophe, disaster, tragedy. an event resulting in great loss and misfortune. The Dean may adjust credit hour requirements based on recommendations from the DAC, HoD, and Chairperson. Following coursework, students must register exclusively for a thesis of 06 credit hours each subsequent semester to ensure continuous enrollment throughout their study period.

11. During its 38th meeting, the Academic Council approved the Common Policies, Procedures, and Template of Scheme of Studies for MS and PhD Programs at CUI, aligned with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Graduate Education Policy (GEP) 2023, with the exception of the above-mentioned paragraphs.

    Credit Hours : Please provide total credit hours for this scheme from manage course schemes

List of Core Courses:
 Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursCo-requisite(s)Prerequisite(s)
1 MGT701 Management Thoughts and Philosophy 3(3, 0)
2 MGT702 Advanced Techniques in Data Analysis 3(3, 0)

Business Economics Specialization Business Economics Specialization
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursCo-requisite(s)Prerequisite (s)
1 MGT790 Microeconomic Analysis II 3(3, 0)
2 MGT791 Market Design 3(3, 0)
3 MGT793 Econometric Methods II 3(3, 0)
4 MGT794 Multiperson Decision Theory 3(3, 0)
5 MGT795 Applied Econometrics and Economic Research 3(3, 0)
6 MGT796 Game Theory 3(3, 0)
7 MGT797 Applied Industrial Economics 3(3, 0)
8 MGT798 The Economics of Institutions and Organization 3(3, 0)
Core Courses For ISB
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursCo-requisite(s)Prerequisite (s)
9 MGT701 Management Thoughts and Philosophy 3(3, 0)
10 MGT702 Advanced Techniques in Data Analysis 3(3, 0)
Finance Specialization For ISB
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursCo-requisite(s)Prerequisite (s)
11 MGT740 Empirical Methods in Finance 3(3, 0)
12 MGT741 Emerging Issues in Financial Markets 3(3, 0)
13 MGT742 Financial Theory and Corporate Policy Decisions 3(3, 0)
14 MGT743 Advanced Corporate Finance 3(3, 0)
15 MGT744 Risk Management Techniques 3(3, 0)
16 MGT745 Advanced Topics in Financial Economics 3(3, 0)
17 MGT746 Advanced Topics in Financial Theory 3(3, 0)
18 MGT747 Seminar in Finance 3(3, 0)
19 MGT748 Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory 3(3, 0)
Information Technology Management Specialization Information Technology Management Specialization
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursCo-requisite(s)Prerequisite (s)
20 MGT775 Business Systems Consulting 3(3, 0)
21 MGT776 Leveraging Information Technology in Business Strategy 3(3, 0)
22 MGT777 Information Technology and Business Collaboration 3(3, 0)
23 MGT778 Enterprise Systems Strategy 3(3, 0)
24 MGT779 Social Enterprise: Innovation in the Information Society 3(3, 0)
Management Specialization Management Specialization
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursCo-requisite(s)Prerequisite (s)
25 MGT720 Economics of Strategy and Organization 3(3, 0)
26 MGT721 Organizational Ecology 3(3, 0)
27 MGT722 Workforce Diversity: Organizational Development 3(3, 0)
28 MGT723 Social Capital for Managerial Effectiveness 3(3, 0)
29 MGT724 Reward Systems: Theory and Administration 3(3, 0)
30 MGT725 Strategic Management of Knowledge in Professional Service Firms 3(3, 0)
31 MGT726 Bargaining and Influence Skills 3(3, 0)
32 MGT727 Social Norms 3(3, 0)
33 MGT728 Designing Organizational Research 3(3, 0)
34 MGT729 Social Psychology of Organizations 3(3, 0)
Marketing Specialization For ISB
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursCo-requisite(s)Prerequisite (s)
35 MGT760 Behavioral Research in Marketing 3(3, 0)
36 MGT761 Quantitative Research in Marketing: Empirical Models and Methods 3(3, 0)
37 MGT762 Attitudes and Persuasion 3(3, 0)
38 MGT763 Behavioral Decision Making 3(3, 0)
39 MGT764 Multicultural Marketing and Business Development 3(3, 0)
40 MGT765 Marketing Data: Measurement and Analysis 3(3, 0)
41 MGT766 Issues in International Marketing 3(3, 0)
42 MGT767 Retail Strategy: Internet and Global Dimensions 3(3, 0)
43 MGT768 Marketing High-Technology Products 3(3, 0)
Thesis Thesis
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursCo-requisite(s)Prerequisite (s)
44 MGT900 Thesis 9(0, 9)